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Download the famous Backlink Force SEo software

There are lots of people on the internet offering back link SEO services for as little as $20. And we are sure that these service providers use some sort of program to do it, but I often have more than 20 sites to submit for
We did not want to spend $400+ for that! So we searched and found a software that does all that back link submission, but it would cost us over $64.95.

So we decided to create a software that does the submission on our own and managed to create an ideal program that we call Backlink Force!

It took a lot of effort to code, but was well worth it. Check out our video demo below and then get a copy for yourself, you will be glad that you did.

Backlink Force Software will

  • Submit to a bunch of popular sites
  • Control the number of sites to be submitted
  • Control the delay of submission for each sites
  • Generate a report in txt file
  • Add your own stats sites
  • Delete your stats sites
  • Pause/Resume the process whenever you want
  • Get indexed in google faster
  • No more of buying backlinking services to get indexed in google
  • Over 4k Stat sites and increasing
  • Get FREE updates and many more…