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| September 5, 2011 | 3 Comments

Download the famous Backlink Force SEo software

There are lots of people on the internet offering back link SEO services for as little as $20. And we are sure that these service providers use some sort of program to do it, but I often have more than 20 sites to submit for
We did not want to spend $400+ for that! So we searched and found a software that does all that back link submission, but it would cost us over $64.95.

So we decided to create a software that does the submission on our own and managed to create an ideal program that we call Backlink Force!

It took a lot of effort to code, but was well worth it. Check out our video demo below and then get a copy for yourself, you will be glad that you did.

Backlink Force Software will

  • Submit to a bunch of popular sites
  • Control the number of sites to be submitted
  • Control the delay of submission for each sites
  • Generate a report in txt file
  • Add your own stats sites
  • Delete your stats sites
  • Pause/Resume the process whenever you want
  • Get indexed in google faster
  • No more of buying backlinking services to get indexed in google
  • Over 4k Stat sites and increasing
  • Get FREE updates and many more…


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  1. Crystal Tan says:

    nice software.. This would be a big help for me, but is there any risk of using this? I don’t want my site to have a bad reputation… And by the way thanks for sharing.. 😀

  2. Natalie says:

    If you are selling widgets and most people type “Buy Widgets” into Google then this is what you should write instead of “Purchase Widgets”. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Checker to find what people type in their searches.

  3. natalie says:

    One of the keys to success is a tactic known as back linking or link popularity. Learn how to make this tool work for you.

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