Powerful Tips for Getting More Backlinks

powerful SEO web site tipsIncreasing the website’s page rank is every what every webmaster’s desires for. Increasing the number of backlinks to your website not only assists in increasing the page rank but also the website’s visibility on the internet and hence the traffic. But how can someone build effective backlinks?

Non-Spammy Comments

When you comment on a blog or website they get indexed by search engine spiders and you get a backlink. Always ensure that the blog allows dofollow links and always include you link in the website field. Don’t ever include links in the comment as they can be discarded as spam.

Directory Submissions

Different types of web directories exist on the internet, but can be broadly classified as free and paid directories. Generally free directories allow you to get a backlink for your website in exchange of a reciprocal link on your website, whereas paid directories charge a fee for putting your website link in their listing.

Link Baiting

This is one of the most popularly used backlink techniques by many webmasters. Just create a controversial content on your website and promote it through forum discussions. In no time will you see an increase in the number of backlinks as others will start talking about your website on their blog or through other discussion boards.

These methods have shown to produce great results. So use the one which suits you the most.