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We have heard of off-page SEO, that has to do with building backlinks from many sites. And one of the shortcuts is to use stat sites or sites that analyse your site giving you free backlinks. However, that is also quite tedious if you have to SEARCH and VISIT each of the stat sites you have found, entering your site and such. What if you have 4 sites? Do you want to go search and visit all of the stat sites all over again? Or would you rather do it with a click of button and get back to your own project or just do something else?

I am a webmaster, a web developer, a teenager and someone who is just so busy. I have similar problems when come to backlinkings and I was thinking what if I could just buy a software that does backlinking? Wordpress commenter? Nah, it will get moderated and hardly approved. Article submitter? Nah, it is going to take some time to produce an article. After looking for the right solution, I finally thought of a simpler method and it is basically to submit my website to stats sites!

There are people offering such stats submitting services for at least $10. And I am sure that these service providers use some sort of program to do it. I have more than 20 sites to submit. I do not want to spend $200+ for that! I am only a teenager. I found a software that does the stat sites submission, but it will cost me $64.95. So I decided to try the trial version and after using it, I find that there are so many limitations. Therefore, I decided to create a software that does the submission on my own.

After months of researching and learning software programming, I finally managed to create my ideal program! It takes a lot of effort, but it was worth it. Look at the demo below!

Backlink Force Demo


  • Submit to a bunch of popular stats sites
  • Control the number of sites to be submitted
  • Control the delay of submission for each sites
  • Generate a report in txt file
  • Add your own stats sites
  • Delete your stats sites
  • Pause/Resume the process whenever you want
  • Get indexed in google faster
  • No more of buying backlinking services to get indexed in google
  • Over 4k Stat sites and increasing
  • Get FREE updates and many more...

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Let's compare our competitor, Backlink Speed and us!

FeaturesBacklink SpeedBacklink Force
Consist of Popular Stats Sites YesYes
Generate a reportYesYes
Add your own stats sitesYesYes
Delete your stats sitesYesYes
Pause/Resume the process whenever you wantYesYes
Free UpdatesYesYes
Can be use on commercial siteYes ($74.95)Yes ($27 only)
Database of 4000+ Stat SitesNoYes
Control the number of sites to be submittedNoYes
Minimum Price$64.95$27

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