SEO Tips: How Not to Turn Away Search-Engines

Many articles available will tell you tons of techniques to try for managing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What a lot of these articles won’t tell you is how to avoid being shunned by the mighty search-engine. Here are a few things you should learn not to do immediately:

Hosting. Be careful about choosing your site’s host. Be sure they don’t allow malicious activity which could affect your ratings and credibility.

Images. Images are great for the web-surfer, but they don’t impress search-engines at all. Search-engines love text and if you can use text instead of an image, use the text.

Misspelling. Some webmasters expect that their consumers may misspell keywords. They compensate by incorporating the misspelled content into their site. The fact is, more consumers know the correct spelling and it will cost you more professional points than it will bring viable consumers to your site.

Keywords. While keywords are a must for SEO, too many keywords can be damaging. Don’t over do it. Carefully plan and anticipate the keywords your customers will type in. Then, stick with those few. Without limiting yourself, you could lose valuable information to a page full of keywords.

Plan your SEO strategy smartly. Be vigilant, but not overly ambitious. If you happen to turn away the search-engines, you could find it difficult to increase your rankings.

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