Important SEO Steps to Take Today

seo steps

In order to bring your webpage to the top of search-engine lists, you need to carefully plan your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Here are a few quick and easy techniques to implement today so you can get started on your optimization.

Content. Update your content frequently. But, be sure that you are updating with new and relevant information. Simply repeating or rewording your existing content could signal search-engines to rank you lower.

Keyword Density. You want to use your keyword proportionately to the rest of your site’s content. Your primary keyword should be less than 10% of your total content.

Links. Links can really boost your SEO. You have a few options for links:
Ask for links, but carefully as too much cross-linking could signal the search-engines to rank you lower.
Get your keywords into incoming links.
Try to get links from sites that have good reputations.

. Sitemaps are a great way to boost SEO. Search-engines view them favorably.

. Use Flash sparingly. Search-engines only view Flash as imagery. They can’t read Flash. When you do use Flash, use text to describe what it includes.

These are just a few tips and tricks to managing your SEO. Once you have mastered these, you can move on to more complicated management.

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