How to Use Backlinks to Boost SEO

Backlinks are a good way to get noticed naturally by search-engines. You basically get brownie points and higher SEO (Search SEO link building teamEngine Optimization) rankings for getting noticed versus submitting your site directly to search-engines. You can learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization from the Maritime Web Design blog.

Backlinks are links to your site from other sites. You can strategically place your backlinks with a little dedication. It is easy, but it can become time consuming. Follow these steps to get started with backlinking.

1.Designate the URL where you want to direct people. You should always use the same URL and be very specific about the destination of the link. Many prefer to use their homepage in links.

2.You’ll need html code to make a link. If you know html code, you can create this yourself. If not, find an example of a link in html and incorporate your information into it.

3.Use a keyword in your link. Choose something that is not included in your URL. The web crawlers look at both URLs and your keywords.

Be wary of where you are putting your backlinks. Don’t associate with sites that may get you banned by search-engines. The best possible links you could have are from reputable sites like .gov, .org, .edu., and sites within your field. Be sure you trust sites that you choose to associate with.

Maybe this html backlink tips will help you.

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